AO 2019 ANNUAL MEETING – Current Factors in Clinical Excellence

AO 2019 ANNUAL MEETING – Current Factors in Clinical Excellence


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AO’S 2019 ANNUAL MEETING Current Factors in Clinical Excellence

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The Academy of Osseointegration’s 2019 Annual Meeting –
“Factors in Clinical Excellence”

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Opening Symposium – “Reconsidering the Status Quo”

What Have We Learned in Orthopedic Osseointegration?
Jonathan Forsberg, MD, PhD

Implant Dentistry: It was Better Before?
Goran Urde, DDS

Effect of Nanotopography on Cell Population and Differentiation in Osteoporosis in vivo
Daniela Mendonca, DDS, MS, PhD

Can We Abandon Impression Materials and Mechanical Articulators?
Dean Morton, BDS, MS

What Human Factors Remain for the Implant Clinician?
Mark Pinsky, DDS

Morning with the Masters

M-2 Writing a Research Paper: What, Why, When and How?
Steven Eckert, DDS, MS

M-6 Maxillary Sinus Grafting: Prevention and Management of Complications
Pascal Valentini, DDS

M-7 From The Edentulous State or Terminal Dentition to Functional Rehabilitation: A Health and Function-focused Multidisciplinary Digital Approach
Daniel Spagnoli, DDS, MS, PhD

M-9 Implant Placement and Loading Protocols in Esthetic Implant Rehabilitations
German Gallucci, DMD, PhD

M-10 Current Understanding of the Dynamics of the Bone/Implant Interface
J.E. Davies, BDS, PhD, DSc

Surgical Track – “Ten Years After”

10 Years After: Vertical Ridge Augmentation
Massimo Simion, DDS

10 Years After: Lateral Ridge Augmentation
Daniel Cullum, DDS

10 Years After: Full Maxillary Reconstruction (Audio Only)
Friedrich Neukam, MD, DMD, PhD

10 Years After: Sinus Augmentation (Audio Only)
Pascal Valentini, DDS

10 Years After: Soft Tissue Augmentation
Michael McGuire, DDS

10 Years After: Augmentation Using Biologics
Henning Schliephake, DDS, MD, PhD

Prosthetic Track – “Ten Years After”

10 Years After: Screw Retained Prosthesis
Konrad Meyenberg, DDS, MD

To Splint or Not to Splint Adjacent Implants (Audio Only)
Terry Walton, BDS, MDSc, MS. DDSc

10 Years After in Peri-implant Tissues Improvement
Carlo Ercoli, DDS

Full Maxillary Reconstruction: 10 Years after (Audio Only)
Tomas Linkevicius, PhD, DDS, Dip Pros

10 Years After: Tilted Implants
Steven Eckert

10 Years After: Overdenture
Steven Sadowsky, DDS

Surgical Track
“Osseointegration: Restoration of Homeostasis or a Foreign Body Response?”

Innate and Adaptive Immune Response to Titanium Implants
Rene Olivares-Navarrete, DDS, PhD

Molecular Dissection of the Bone-implant Interface
Omar Omar, BDS, PhD

The Role of Foreign Body Reaction in Peri-implantitis
Saso Ivanovski, MDSc (Perio), PhD

Prosthetic Track “The Evolution of Complex Maxillofacial Rehabilitation”

Advanced Digitally Driven Occlusion-Based Jaw Reconstruction: Improving Functional Outcomes (Audio Only)
Johan Wolfaardt, BDS, Mdent (Pros), PhD; Hadi Seikaly. MD, FRCS

3D Tumor Visualisation and Virtual Planning of Obturator Prostheses (Audio Only)
Max Witjes, DMD, PhD; Harry Reintsema, DDS, PhD

Implant Rehabilitation in Craniofacial Cancer and Trauma: The Journey from Resection to Rehabilitation
Dale Howes, BSc, BDS, MDent, FCD; John Boyes-Varley, BDS, MD

Surgical Track “Soft Tissue Integration: What is Our Current Understanding?”

Connective Tissue Graft: Is it Still the Gold Standard Around Implants?
Sofia Aroca, DDS, PhD

Future Prospects of Peri-Implant Regenerative Medicine
William Giannobile, DDS, DMSc

Prosthetic Track “Clinical Failure Analysis of Zirconia Implants”

Recent Advancements in Restorative Ceramics
Yu Zhang, PhD

Clinical Failure Analysis of Zirconia Implants
Susanne Scherrer, DDS, PhD, PD

Titanium Society Meeting

Complete Edentulism Through the Life Stages

Complete Edentulism before 10
Simone Heuberer, DMD

Complete Edentulism at 30
Lyndon Cooper, DDS, PhD

Complete Edentulism at 60
William Martin, DMD, MS

TEAM Program

Dental Implants: What You Want Your Team to Know
Russell Johnson, DDS, MS

Risk Assessment When Treatment Planning with Dental Implants
Donald Curtis, DMD

Three Most Common Implant Maintenance Troubles – Which Do You Want to Overcome?
Ivy Zellmer, RDH, MS

Tips to Prevent and Treat Peri-implantitis
Diane Daubert, RDH, MS, PhD

Achieving Whole Mouth Health for Your Patients through Coaching
Matilde Hernandez DDS, MS, MBA

Interpersonal Communications and Team Building
Sandra Phillips, MPA

Current Thought in Implant Biomechanics

Cantilever and Implant/Teeth Connection
Klaus Gotfredsen, DDS, PhD

Narrow Implants: A Reliable Solution?
Patrick Palacci, DDS

How Many Implants Do You Need?
Ghadeer Thalji, DDS, PhD

Closing Symposium: Managing Clinical Complexity

Immediate Loading
Marco Degidi, DDS, MD

Bone Augmentation with Biologics
Daniel Spagnoli, DDS, MS, PhD

Digital Workflow in Esthetic Implant Rehabilitations
German Gallucci, DMD, PhD


President Dr. James C. Taylor invites you to attend the Academy of Osseointegration’s 2019 Annual Meeting. Join AO for this four-day scientific Annual Meeting to be held at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, March 13 – 16, 2019. in Washington, D.C.


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